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Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Toronto

Wisdom teeth (also known as “third molars”) are an extra set of redundant teeth that form at the back of the mouth in a person’s late teens or twenties. Most people have problems as these teeth begin to grow, due to their poor positioning in the mouth and a lack of jaw space to accommodate them.

Should your wisdom teeth be removed?

Common issues with wisdom teeth include impaction (when the tooth fails to erupt and pushes on other teeth), infection, damage to adjacent teeth, and abnormal eruption causing permanent bone loss in the jaw. To prevent these problems from occurring, we recommend wisdom teeth removal as soon as possible.

Your teen should be evaluated for the state of their wisdom teeth by the age of 17 or if they begin feeling pain at the back of their mouth. This procedure is very common and done under anesthesia. We will also prescribe any necessary pain medication to take during the recovery period to make the healing stage more comfortable.

Is it time to get those wisdom teeth removed? Call us today for your consultation!

Videos about Wisdom Teeth Extraction:

"I highly recommend this clinic. They work hard, they are focussed, and they really try to make me, the patient, feel that I am well treated." -- Alex B.
"A friend recommended me to Dentistry at Fairlawn and I've had nothing but good experiences. They're very good, precise and they've never recommended a procedure without fully explaining it and giving me time to consider it." -- Marcus B.
“I was in need of a crown on one of my front teeth and was referred to Dr. Heinola for the procedure. Dr. Heinola clearly explained the procedure and the options available to me and did a fantastic job with my crown. The rest of the staff were very friendly and professional as well. I will definitely be going back for any work I need in the future.” -- Shant H.
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