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Preventative Dentistry in Toronto

Cleaning and flossing your teeth regularly is the best way to prevent gum disease. Dentistry at Fairlawn focuses on making sure that you know how to care for your teeth while offering special preventative treatments.

During your hygiene appointemnt

When plaque and tartar builds up on your teeth, brushing won’t remove it. These hard deposits must be cleaned professionally by a dentist during your teeth cleaning visit. Your dentist will use special tools in a deep-cleaning process called scaling and root planing. This treatment removes the bacteria-filled plaque and tartar around your gum line and smoothes rough spots on the tooth root where bacteria can collect.

Your dentist will consult with you about the best method for treating any current gum issues as well as future preventative practices.

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"I highly recommend this clinic. They work hard, they are focussed, and they really try to make me, the patient, feel that I am well treated." -- Alex B.
"A friend recommended me to Dentistry at Fairlawn and I've had nothing but good experiences. They're very good, precise and they've never recommended a procedure without fully explaining it and giving me time to consider it." -- Marcus B.
“I was in need of a crown on one of my front teeth and was referred to Dr. Heinola for the procedure. Dr. Heinola clearly explained the procedure and the options available to me and did a fantastic job with my crown. The rest of the staff were very friendly and professional as well. I will definitely be going back for any work I need in the future.” -- Shant H.
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